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Here at Cash Loan Money Centres we are your local, friendly and responsible small money lenders. We are here to help those in need of small amount credit for unforeseen expenses and our small loan application will ensure a prompt decision. We are an Australian credit licenced small money lender and a member of the National Credit Providers Association.

Cash Loan Money Centres provide small loans and quick cash loans that have BIG protections for consumers in Australia including affordable repayments to suit your budget, capped government set fees and debt spiral protection for all those unexpected expenses like medical expenses, car repairs and registration, school excursions, rental bonds, vet fees and more. We have offices in Gympie and Maryborough which gives Cash Loan Money Centres a more personal relationship with all our customers.

Cash Loan Money Centres understand that speed is important to you in securing your small loan, so when a situation arises where you need to get money quickly, we totally understand your situation.The range of small loan situations vary but some of our common lends are;

Emergencies – Medical, Dental and Vet Bills are expensive and necessary costs that can sometimes come out of the blue.

Repairs – Car trouble? Oven packed in? Shower stopped working? Things like these tend to have the worst timing.

Special Occasions – Birthdays, Christmas, Easter and Anniversaries are all very important.

Rental bonds – Make moving house less stressful and let cash loan money centres do the heavy lifting, with a small loan.

Every individual’s small loan requirement is different and no one solution will always be right everyone. At Cash Loan Money Centres, we can design and structure quick cash loans that are perfectly tailored to suit your current situation.

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