House Bond Loan

Moving home is expensive enough without the added financial pressures of having to pay your rental bond upfront. It can also take time to release a house bond from a current tenancy adding further financial stress to your situation. In most cases, the rental bond amount is equal to 4 weeks rent. In some cases, when the weekly rent is higher than $250, the amount can also amount to six weeks rent. Cash Loan Money Centres Wide Bay help with a house bond loan that you can use for a bond payment or even relocation costs.

At Cash Loan Money Centres Wide Bay, we can provide a same day House Bond Loan so you can ease the pain of moving home. Then pay off your house bond loan over a specific installment plan that suits your circumstances.

We pride ourselves on service excellence and always go the extra mile for our customers. We will ensure you receive the best possible service experience. We know you are busy, so our online application is available 24 hours a day, so that you can have your loan paid as soon as possible.

Applying is easy and we try our best to provide a more personal approach to all our customers. You can advise your real estate agent or your property manager that you would like to pay your bond by using Cash Loan Money Centre Wide Bay and they will do the rest for you. Remember to factor in the following items that can be expenses associated with your move to your new home.

  • Cleaning, Repairs & Other Exit Fees
  • Boxes & Other Moving Materials
  • Removal Companies
  • Self Move Van Hire
  • Advance Rental Payments

Paying your house bond loan in smaller, monthly installments means you save your money for more important things, like enjoying your new home.

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